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Our new range of freshly prepared, Summer food ready for you to eat at home with quick instructions.

Please drop into the café to pick up, or pre-order your food by calling 07871 932754 or click here to contact us.


Wimbledon salad: Strawberries, cucumber, tomatoes, rocket & feta dressed with Pimms & orange vinaigrette (v) - for two £5 / for four £8


Bruschetta: Crusty sourdough with garlic sundried tomatoes, topped with mozzarella (v) - two slices £8 / four slices £15


Greek style feta and tomato soup, baguette (soup eaten hot or cold) (v) - £5


Two smoked mackerel, horseradish and dill fishcakes, beetroot salad

(simple instructions to re-bake) - £10 per serving


Sausage roll and salad - £7 or Scotch egg and salad - £7.50


Bacon and three cheese quiche, pea, mint and courgette salad - £8


Broccoli, red pepper and sundried tomato quiche,

pea, mint and courgette salad (v) - £8


Frittata and pea, mint and courgette salad (v/gf) - £8



Bakewell tart and custard - £5

Strawberries and cream - £5


Pimms jelly - £4


2 scones, clotted cream & jam - £5


All items subject to availability

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