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served Tuesday to Saturday all-day until 3.30pm.

Click here for the Sunday Brunch menu...

• Bacon sandwich £5.50

• Sausage sandwich £6.50

• Vegetarian sausage sandwich (v) £6

• Mushroom bap £5

• Buttered toasted teacake £3

• Buttered toast x2 £3

   (add preserve to either for 50p)

• Full English breakfast £11: 

   Sausage, bacon x2, fried egg, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, toast x2

• Aroma Big Grill breakfast £14:

   Sausage x2, bacon x2, fried egg x2, grilled tomatoes, hash browns x2, beans, mushrooms, toast x2


   + Extras: Sausage, Bacon, Fried Egg,

Hash Browns (x2), Beans, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Avocado


• Vegetarian breakfast (v) £10:

   Vegetarian sausages x2, fried eggs x2, mushrooms,

grilled tomatoes, hash browns x2, toast

• Smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg £10

• Sauteed mushrooms on toast, spinach

with a poached egg (v) £9

• Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast £11

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